Want to make a difference?

Students at UVU’s Study Abroad in Brazil may choose to volunteer and earn Service-Learning credit by engaging in conversational language exchanges with local students, where they help each other improve their respective linguistic skills.

How it helps UVU students: Going abroad is a huge investment on a student’s life.  By increasing interaction with natives, UVU students truly allow themselves to immerse in the culture.  Above all, they put their linguistic abilities to the test, and learn intercultural negotiation skills.  More than anything, they’ll learn appreciation for diversity and seeing the world from a different perspective.

How it helps local students: Given the position of the US in the world, English proficiency is in high demand everywhere.   Helping improve local students’ English skills may open doors for them, as it may represent access to a better job, as well as better chances of success in graduate school.  Some of those students are preparing to become English as a second-language teachers, and will greatly benefit from the practice, especially if they haven’t had a chance to go abroad.  Interacting with Americans will allow them a glimpse at how Americans live, behave, and see the world.

Both parties are a little like ambassadors of their countries and cultures.

Conversational language exchange activities involves reflection (through mediation sessions, journals), and foster mutual respect and understanding.  We’ll follow the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center policy and require, respectively:

10 hours of service for a 1 credit class;

20 hours of service for a 3 credit class;

25-35 hours of service for a 5 credit class.

Students who take classes with a Service-Learning attribute are eligible to apply for the Service-Learning Distinction Program

Want to intern?

We may be able to help advanced speakers find internship opportunities after their Study Abroad month of classes; let us know if this is something that might interest you.


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