SA Brazil 2014 Carlys family

One of our wonderful families, 2014

2014 Study Abroad Final Dinner Spettus everybody

Farewell dinner at Spettus Steak House, with families.






Families come in all shapes and sizes; living with one allows the students to experience first-hand the microcosm of a Brazilian family, and gives opportunity for language practice.  2 meals are provided daily.  Students arrange with the family access to the kitchen, phone and laundry.

Communication.  Students wishing to maintain regular communication with their families and friends in the US are expected to purchase a phone card, or rent a cell phone while in Brazil, or pay for internet access in one of many LAN-houses available throughout the city.  Limited internet access will be available at UFSC.  Typically, internet users in Brazil pay by the minute, so we ask you to be considerate and ask your host family for directions.  At the same time, we understand that your experience will be enhanced if you try to allow yourself to immerse in the culture as much as possible, and limit your time interacting in English, if at all possible.

Please let your director know of ANY PROBLEM that might arise with your host family.  Normally they originate as a result of cross-cultural misunderstanding, and are easily solved the sooner we find out about it.   Brazilians tend to have strong family values, and are very welcoming – in fact we expect the home stays to be one of the best parts of your experience abroad!



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