We’ll offer Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Portuguese classes, in cooperation with Associação Brasil América, in Recife Brazil, and visits to Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.  We STRONGLY encourage students to take at least one semester of class before going on this StudyAbroad, simply because you benefit so much more by being able to understand some of the language, as well as basic Brazilian day-to-day routines and values.

SA Brazil 2014 graduation pic        SA Brazil 2014 UFPE

Classes at or above PORT2010 can be used for a Minor in Foreign Languages at UVU.   PORT202Gand PORT352G fulfill Global/Intercultural Requirement.

Transfer credit is possible, since UVU courses and credits are usually accepted towards degrees at most colleges and universities.  Nevertheless, consult with your home institution if you plan to join UVU’s Study Abroad to Brazil.

IMG_1289Classes will be taught by very qualified faculty from Associação Brasil América, with a variety of visiting speakers.  Through a combination of formal classroom practice, conversational exchange with their host families and native students, films, and excursions, students will have a chance to immerse in the culture and expand their linguistic abilities while being exposed to a higher education environment.

For Advanced Speakers, we’re planning to offer a Brazilian Culture/another advanced class.  Some Intermediate students may be eligible to take this class as a split-level course.

A few students with special projects may consult with the Study Abroad Director to see how they can accommodate their interests.  These will be considered on a case-by-case scenario, and kept at a minimum.

Dr. Debora Ferreira, PhD, is the Director for this program.

SA Brazil 2014 Encont

Local students were invited to interact, exchange ideas, build connections; students were split by language ability – each challenged at their level!     IMG_1424


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