Final Call for 2010!


We’re starting to plan our UVU Study Abroad in Brazil 2011 – are you coming?

Hello everybody!  We should soon start  packing for our Study Abroad in Brazil (ok, in two months! : D)!  I believe it will be a wonderful experience!  If you’d like to join our group, act fast to put your paperwork together!

Here are some dates:

March 5th (Friday) at 3pm: First Orientation Meeting, at the International Office.  Bring the paperwork for the student visa.

The dates below are tentative and subject to change:

9 May 2010 – arrive in Florianopolis

10 May – 4 June – classes at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

5 June – leave to Sao Paulo

8 June – visit the Iguacu Falls

9 June – tour Rio de Janeiro

13 June – end of the program

This will be UVU’s first Study Abroad in Brazil – I’m glad you can be a part of it!


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